Anyone Can Cook: a Plant Based Cookbook Recommendation

If you’re thinking did you just quote Ratatouille in part of that title? Yes, yes I did. Who doesn’t love Disney movies and food!? Also if you read “anyone can cook” in the same accent as the French chef then bonus points for you.

Anyway, its been a while since I’ve been able to post on my blog. Starting a new job, keeping up with the gym and a healthy routine, and making time for friends and family meant that something had to give.

But in a way I’m glad I had the chance to step away from writing since it gave me the idea to write this post. One thing I noticed about my routine is that even when I was running on empty I never compromised on cooking myself and family a healthy dinner.

Despite being terrible about posting on my blog the last month I kept up with posting pictures on my personal Instagram account of the dinners I was able to make. I wish that I was one of these people who just had a natural knack for tossing ingredients together and end up with some amazing new dish. That is just not a talent in my wheelhouse. I need direction and exact measurements otherwise cooking can get ugly, fast. So I thought I would share a cookbook that has become one of my go-to resources.

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Book Review: “The Circle” by David Eggers

I read this book in about 3 days. I’m a big fan of novels based in a dystopian society but I thought this particular story was extremely relevant to the way people are living today. We are constantly immersing ourselves in new forms of technology. There are amazing companies that create the devices we depend on or use the new technology to better our lives. But the question is when does it go too far?

In the fictional world of “The Circle”, David Eggers writes the story of Mae Holland. Mae is a young woman working back in her small home town in a job that she hates until she gets a new opportunity at tech giant The Circle. Becoming a “Circler” is a dream come true to Mae because she is now at the forefront of innovation.

She works alongside people who are using cutting edge technology to try solving the worlds’ medical epidemics, preventing child abduction and crime, and many other life altering causes. At The Circle “sharing is caring” and not only should you make a difference but also share those thoughts with other Circlers. But what happens when you don’t participate in the events or check in on social media so your “friends” can track your every move? Mae quickly discovers that at The Circle “secrets are lies” and “privacy is theft.”

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Book Review: “A New Model” by Ashley Graham

Like most of us, I heard about Ashley Graham after she hit it big as one of the cover models for Sports Illustrated magazine. Although I don’t personally read the magazine, I fully understood the significance of having Ashley on the cover having seen past models for the magazine. The inclusion of Ashley meant the start of acceptance of different body types for women so I wanted to learn more about Ashley and her career.

What I didn’t expect when I picked up “A New Model” was to learn so much about Ashley’s personal journey to find peace and acceptance about her own body image. I really loved that she was so candid about who she was when she started her career as a teen to who she has become today.

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Book Review: “Big Fit Girl” by Louise Green

“Big Fit Girl” is a book I wish was around when I started my fitness journey nearly 2 years ago. I was a plus-sized young woman with zero confidence to get back into athletics so I avoided group fitness settings. I didn’t have a friend or family member who understood what it was like to be the biggest girl in the room but still love being an athlete.

In her book, Louise Green addresses the stigma that society places on people with bigger bodies and how that impacts their participation in healthy activities. Green talks about her struggles to find confidence and fitness inspiration because few women in media represented her body.

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