Good For Your Health, Good For Your Soul

Regal Mermaid is a place to find inspiration and information for anyone who is trying to navigate living a healthy lifestyle. Sticking to healthy choices is not always easy and can even be overwhelming. I get it because I lived it.

On this blog, you’ll of course find posts about exercise and healthy food. But I want to take it a step further by covering relatable topics like body positivity and mental and emotional health during your fitness journey.

The Grotto

You can discover even more inspiration (or just a great read) through the book recommendations you’ll find in The Grotto. I’ve learned that taking care of your body is important but you also have to nourish your soul. So check out the book reviews and start your own literary treasure trove!

Why Regal Mermaid?

I’ve been asked, what’s with the name? I read once that mermaids represent a symbol of fierce independence. I felt that symbol embodied my journey to regain and keep my health in line. I needed to be fiercely independent to walk into a gym with confidence and sort through the piles of health information. And Regal? Well, everyone deserves to treat themselves like royalty when they are working hard to reach their goals.

Remember wellness is not just about being fit. I want to inspire you to have confidence in any area of health you’re exploring.