Book Review: “Big Fit Girl” by Louise Green

“Big Fit Girl” is a book I wish was around when I started my fitness journey nearly 2 years ago. I was a plus-sized young woman with zero confidence to get back into athletics so I avoided group fitness settings. I didn’t have a friend or family member who understood what it was like to be the biggest girl in the room but still love being an athlete.

In her book, Louise Green addresses the stigma that society places on people with bigger bodies and how that impacts their participation in healthy activities. Green talks about her struggles to find confidence and fitness inspiration because few women in media represented her body.

“Until I was ready to change, my unhealthy behaviors served a purpose in my life. They allowed me to stay where I felt safe. Although my behaviors were hurting me, they were familiar and in that sense, comforting.” – Louise Green, author Big Fit Girl

But it’s not just Green’s story being told; other women share their experiences as well. The stories range from women who are just trying to manage their activities of daily living to those that have become Olympians.

One of my favorite parts about this book is that Green breaks down what it means to set SMART fitness goals. She explains in her book, “Your attainable goal will be different from someone else’s; you need to begin from where you are now. That also means not comparing yourself to others or what you used to be able to do before you had kids, in your twenties, or even last year. The only thing relevant to setting attainable goals today is where you are starting from now.” This was great to read because I remember feeling totally overwhelmed and unsure of how to get started on unleashing my inner athlete.

I found this to be a wonderful body positive book filled with inspirational testimonials, exercise and stretching routines and recipes. It’s a must read for anyone exploring fitness.

Louise Green is a fitness trainer, writer and speaker. She is the founder of the fitness program Body Exchange. You can hear more about Louise’s health philosophy by listening to her Tedx talk here.

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